Texas Strawberries

Strawberries in a cute basket

Hi! First blog post over here, and setup on the new website! I’m kind of excited to be sharing things again via blogging. It has been a loooong time since my old blog Bennett+Beagle! I’ll mostly share photography sessions I love, and other awesome photo stuff, but for now….. I think I’ll roll this out with a Session I did with my kids yesterday. It’s spring break, and the weather is goldilocks nice. In Texas, if you have weather that is neither too hot or too cold, then you better get your butt outside and enjoy it! That’s how I explained it to my kids when they asked why we were going to have to go pick strawberries instead of popping into the produce section at HEB. Let’s be honest about it though….Momma had an urge to document something.

Let’s take a look, shall we?!

I’m wildly obsessed with picking our own fruits, vegetables, flowers, you name it! We used to pick our own citrus and avocados in the yard in California, and our farmer’s markets were perfection. We don’t have that anymore, and having exceptional produce is one of the things I miss most about living on the best coast. If you know of anywhere in Houston that has REALLY good produce picking options – drop me their info! I’d love to visit and drag these two with me.


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