This mom actually found this location for me. She kept telling me, I found this place, and I think it’s perfect! And boy was she right. I went to scope it out before her family session, and I reported back something like, ” IT HAS LITTLE YELLOW FLOWERS. And a sunset. AND WATER WITH A VIEW.” and she was like, “Yay!” but I don’t think she knew how insanely grateful I was to find a new spot close by. That being said, we did see a snake, and there were a large amount of grasshoppers. But her kids were real troopers, and so was Dad. I think they got some really sweet photos, the sweetest one is the one of mom and dad kissing, and the kids looking up at them. LOVE it when mom and dad aren’t afraid to show a little affection in front of their kids. Also, if you just want to see the best, scroll to the bottom to find the cutest little thing blowing a dandelion puff. heart eyes for dayyyyys.

Best Family Photography The Woodlands TX Mom and dad in the woodlands photography Dad and kids in The Woodlands TX Photos of kids in Creekside Park The Woodlands TX Family portraits Mom and daughters in Creekside ParkFamily Portrait in HoustonDad and son photos The Woodlands TX girls with yellow flowers in the woodlands little girl blowing dandelion puff

Family walking in Creekside Park


Creekside Park Family Session



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