California Winery Senior Photos – The Woodlands Texas Senior Photography

I had a week in California this summer, and one of those nights we met up during golden hour for some senior photos of my Cousin’s daughter at the family vineyard. You may have seen me go live on Instagram while I was there (but let’s hope you didn’t because I was a legit hot mess of excitement and buzzed on Chardonnay). Anyway, I could just bask in that golden California evening light forever and ever and ever. Ryann and I are the same height (we’re 5’2″) and this was seriously the best ever because I’m constantly on my tip toes or dragging around a stool, so thanks for being short with me Ry! Also, she’s pretty funny, like me (ha! just kidding I wish) but – those photos of her tasting the baby grapeletts (I’m sure that’s what they’re called) HILARIOUS.

One more thing, I got the BF in there for a couple shots, because we made him stand behind me the whole time and make her laugh, and carry her things, and in general do whatever she said. So we did that, and every shot has me over here like, awwwwwww. Freakin’ young love, man. What I’d give to be in their shoes for another day.

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