Since September is looming, and we’re about to say goodbye to another summer season (even though the kids have been back in school for a few weeks), I thought I’d round up all our summer photos and share them before we get all cozy in the Air Conditioning and pretend its fall around here. There are so many to share. Some are from home, right here in The Woodlands, others are from New Orleans, Destin, California, and Galveston.

kids and baby turtles in The Woodlands, Texas
We caught rescued three baby turtles out of our pool this spring, and then released them into the creek at the beginning of the summer. (Heidi, Shelly, and Flash)
New Orleans with Kids
girl at Cafe Du Monde with Beignet Sugar nose.
Cafe DuMonde…need I say more?
family at Cafe Du Monde New Orleans
New Orleans street scene
kids in New Orleans, Louisiana
Butterfly in New Orleans. Audubon Butterfly Garden.
kids in New Orleans Audubon Butterfly garden and Insectarium
Audubon Butterfly Garden, New Orleans
family photos, scenes around New Orleans
Family on the Trolley in New Orleans
Butterflies at the Audubon Butterfly garden and museum in New Orleans.
kids at Storyland at City Park, New Orleans.
New Orleans, City Park
kids at storyland in City Park, New Orleans.
Pink Flamingo and girl in Destin, FL.
Hello Florida!
Destin Florida Beach scenes, kids.
Family at the beach in Destin.
kids having fun at the beach in Destin, FL.
beaching it in Destin, FL during summer.
It gave me great pleasure to buy girly looking beach things and make him sit there.
Dad Birthday and kids.
Happy Birthday Daddy Boy.
Sandestin Florida Baytown Wharf.
hanging out on the wharf in Baytown, Sandestin FL.
Sandestin FL, Baytown Wharf.
girl twirling on wharf in Sandestin, Florida
Baytown Wharf, Sandestin, Florida.
Boy at Sunset in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the Mississippi River
Sunset on the mighty Mississippi.
girl with sunflowers at sunset
kids picking sunflower patch at flower farm in Houston
girl and Sunflowers in Houston
Heart eyes forever and ever and ever.
girl with bouquet of sunflowers at sunset in The Woodlands area
kids summer fun, confetti throwing
We finally broke our Easter Confetti eggs.
Lake Conroe Texas looking blue
kids jumping off Pontoon boat in Lake Conroe, Texas
Family on Lake Conroe
Summer on the lake, girl jumping off pontoon boat at Lake Conroe Texas
Lake Conroe, at it’s best.
kids on boat in Lake Conroe Texas
Lake Days in Conroe Texas
The Lake Conroe Lighthouse, red and white lighthouse
kids with 4th of July Sparklers in The Woodlands TX
Sparklers on the 4th of July
Girl birthday party on the 4th of July, blowing out candles
Happy 5th Birthday, to our little human Sparkler.
Boy with a Sparkler looking mischevious
4th of July Celebrations in The Woodlands, TX
happy girl on the 4th of July in Houston TX
4th of July pool Party in The Woodlands Texas
I hope these kids remember this 4th of July for the rest of their lives. I know I will.
girl with sparkler sword on the 4th of July
girl on airplane
California Bound.
Portraits of children at the airport
On the X in LAX.
Picking raspberries in Santa Ynez
Berries and Sunflowers in Santa Ynez, CA.
Sunflowers and boy on mini tractor in California
Sunflower photograph
summer berry picking California
portrait of girl, silhouette double exposure
climbing oak trees in Solvang CA
Black and white image of a boy
boy in an oak tree, climbing
This tree is the best climbing tree I’ve ever found. We will be back.
girl laying in oak tree in Solvang CA
Gull and Boy on the rocks at El Capitan State Beach
images of a boy on boulders at El Capitan state beach California
Wild & Free
photos of kids at El Capitan Beach rocks
Landscape photograph El Capitan State Beach
girl picking orange flowers at the beach
picking beach flowers
Black and White portraits of a girl picking flowers
double exposure of flowers and kids at El Capitan State Beach digging in the sand
Seagull and rocky beach image
California beach image. boy wading, stacked rocks, surfer.
El Capitan, where the creek meets the ocean.
Figueroa Mountain hike
hiking with kids, Figueroa Mountain California
That hike we had to abandon because Clara wouldn’t stop complaining about how hot and tired she was.
bee on blue garden flowers in summer
Waffle Ice Cream cones in Solvang California
Evening photos at Gaviota Beach
Gaviota Beach at Sunset.
Seagull in the surf
family photographs at Gaviota state beach at Sunset, lifeguard tower.
boy on picnic table at the beach, wild and free
balloon mini session at the Oak Atelier. White brick and giant balloons.
From my Summer Balloon Mini Sessions at The Oak Atelier
kids being kids during a studio portrait session. white brick and giant helium balloons.
rainbow slinky and girl portrait, silly.
image of dad tossing son up in air, pool photo. black and white.
kids in summer in the pool. eating popsicles, swimming, jumping. The Woodlands Texas.
boy asleep with flashlight.
Power Outtage
Galveston beach portraits. Girl with red bucket.
boy and girl at Galveston Beach on a clear day.
kids enjoying rare, nice water in Galveston  Texas. Swimming and splashing in the surf.
Kids at Galveston beach in the summer
Caught Galveston on a Beautiful day!
boy and girl eating watermelon, backyard eating contest. The Woodlands, Texas.
Jax won our Watermelon eating contest.
Dog eating watermelon. Rainbow.
kids playing with hose. black and white images.
kids floating in the pool with goggles.
macro leaf photography.
boy swimming in the pool.
Boy and his beagle.
mom birthday cake image. black and white.
Happy Birthday to me!
girl on sparkle float in the middle of the pool.


Summer Wrap Up – The Woodlands Family Photographer gets personal



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    So much talent!!! I could look at your photos for hours ❤️ Looking forward to our family session this fall

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