Baby Lydia 3 month photos

Little Lydia didn’t have traditional newborn photos due to Covid, so we met on her family’s back patio and took some styled photos of her. Okay……This little baby girl is so precious I can’t even. Newborns (as in 1 week olds) are really squishy and wrinkly, and………like little aliens. Sorry, but its true. Even the cute newborns…… ya know?! They really don’t give me baby fever, BUT give me a milky cheeked 3 month old and my ovaries hurt. So. Bad.

Newborn vs. Baby Photography

3 months is a great time for some baby photos that are not “newborn photos” Mostly, they’re content laying on their back, they have personality and REAL smiles. I mean, I delivered almost 50 photos of this little girl looking straight at me with a grin or full blown smile. Totally unreal.

I consider these baby photos “flatlay baby photography” because it is not that different than other flatlay. You’ve got your textures, layers, florals, outfit, and ya know….a baby. Then you style around her or him, and voila! Chunky baby flatlay.

I’m pretty excited about this. So if you have a baby laying around your house, and you live in The Woodlands, Texas, send me a message – it is NOT too late for the newborn photos you never took. You’ll probably love these ones more anyway.I can take your newborn photos at your home in The Woodlands, and it will take some planning before you deliver (that might be stressful to you!) I’ll come in, and we will spend time with your family getting some lifestyle photos of y’all snuggling your newborn. We can get some posed / wrapped portraits of your newborn who will most likely be asleep. These are awesome.


If you want baby photos in The Woodlands like these ones, that are styled exclusively to capture their little personality, you can book these photos sessions after you deliver. I will plan everything down to the outfit for ya to take the stress off.

speaking of outifts – these two are from Amazon! You can find them here and here

The Woodlands Baby Photographer in home florals
Baby Photos The Woodlands Texas Photographer

baby chub thigh heaven.

Babies and Flowers newborn photography by relics of rainbows photo
modern newborn and baby photography
light bright and airy newborn and baby photography in The Woodlands Texas
pink and floral baby photos


Baby Photos The Woodlands, Texas | The Flatlay Floral Edition



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