Forest Family Photography Session by The Woodlands Family Photographer

Kicking off those fall sessions, and I know based on their outfit choices, they were really hoping for some actual fall weather. Guess who must have put his foot down and said “no pants!” ha! I mean, it was a really muggy night and he was the only one dressed for it.

Predicting fall weather here in The Woodlands is an impossible task. I’m not even sure if it actually exists, but when it does show up it doesn’t last long. We also don’t have all that many places that give us any true fall color. Look for some Cypress trees, and a good sunset for faux fall color. Throw on some sweaters (hey, they might help with the mosquito problem!) and you’ve got yourselves some sort-of fall photography in The Woodlands!

The Woodlands Family Photographer Sunset Portrait in Fall


The Woodlands Family Photographer | Relics of Rainbows Photo



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