The Omans Airstream’n Colorado

Summer 2021 | Part 1

Glamping at the Range Resort
Camping at the Range Resort in Ennis, Texas. This place is amazing! If you have your own Airstream you can bring it in there, or you can rent one of their adorable vintage campers onsite! Be sure to eat at the barn on Saturday night, and take a dip in the refreshing pool!
Polaroid Camera
Glamping at The Range Resort, Ennis Texas
Camping at the Range vintage trailer resort
Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo texas
Palo Duro Canyon has some of the best campsites ever down in the bottom of this Canyon, which is the second largest Canyon in the USA. We pulled our silver bullet right up into these rocks. So incredible! I’d love to go back, but Amarillo is pretty far from Houston.
Palo Duro
View from our Campsite in Palo Duro Canyon
Palo Duro Canyon Campsite
Palo Duro Canyon Camping
Campfire fairytales
Icelandic poppies in New Mexico
This might be the only photo I took in Angel Fire, NM. I had good intentions, but it was really just a waypoint inbetween Palo Duro and Durango. We stayed at Angelfire RV resort, which offers free waffles in the morning delivered to your campsite (definitely a covid thing) and candy Bingo in their lodge. Candy Bingo is when I discovered that the camera on my iphone had died. No apparent damage, just decided to stop working. I then spent days in the car trying to reset and fix it. (I never did). The only good thing that came out of it was that I started using my Nikon to take video. I have a lot of footage to cull from this trip, but no time to do it. c’est la vie.
Colorado New Mexico
Colorado Airstream

Onwards to Mesa Verde national park, via the Durango Riverside

Mesa Verde Longhouse
Long House Trail, Mesa Verde National Park
If you plan ahead, you can buy tickets to hike into and tour one of the Mesa Verde Historic sites. But you’ll have to do it months in advance! The Hike to the Long House was pretty easy and short. Mesa Verde was something that was strangely important to me to see, and it did not disappoint anyone in the family!
mesa Verde Longhouse tour
Mesa Verde Longhouse

kids these days and their dance moves crack me up. (insert gif of Bennett doing some kind of fortnite jig).

James Ranch, Durango
Durango, Colorado is such a breath of fresh air! I could have stayed here a week. A friend recommended we go to James Ranch for lunch, but we ended up going here for dinner instead, and I’m so glad we did. Outdoor dining with a view, fresh food, good drinks, live music, and goats to feed.
Feeding goats at James Ranch in Durango, CO
Durango, Colorado ice cream
Also in Durango, Cream Bean Berry Ice Cream. YUM.
Colorado in June
I snapped this through the car window on Million Dollar Highway. Yeah, we dragged Tillie the Airstream up that hwy from Durango to Gunnison. Wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be! Going the other direction though, it might not have been as pleasant.
Horseback riding in Ouray, Colorado
Ouray, The Switzerland of the USA. And Clara girl living her dream.
Horseback riding in Ouray
Horseback riding in Ouray Colorado
Million Dollar Highway Colorado
Colorado Mountains
Hiking around Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Black Canyon of the Gunnison was impressive! We did NOT attempt to hike to the bottom, but we did do lots of driving to the various rim-viewpoints. See Tim, Bennett, and Clara out there in the photo above? I need to print this wall-sized.
Sunset over Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Black Canyon of The Gunnison at Sunset
19 ft International Airstream
Gog Railway, Pike's Peak
Our least favorite part of this trip was the Pike’s Peak Cog railway. It took way too long to get to the top, and back down. It was frigid, and we hadn’t eaten lunch ahead of time because we thought there would at least be sandwiches available somewhere. The New Visitor’s center was not open yet, and we had nothing to really do at the top except marvel at the snow. We did see Marmots though!
Cog Railway Pike's Peak
Also, it is not lost on me that Clara is wearing these pants in almost every photo. We do a lot of laundry, so they were probably always clean, but she somehow managed to be wearing them everytime I took a photo. (go ahead, scrollback up and check for yourself).
Girl Blowing a Dandelion, Relics of Rainbows Photo
Favorite photo of Clara, summer 2021.
Wildflowers at Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Dusk at Cheyenne Mountain State park Colorado
Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado Springs area has to be my second favorite campsite from this trip. (Palo Duro Canyon being my first.) It was very peaceful up there, and away from the crowded rv campgrounds in Colorado Springs.
Camping at Cheyenne Mountain, State Park
Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Tim Oman
The ghosts of kids who can’t sit still for one minute.
kids at The Great Sand Dunes
The Great Sand Dunes portrait
love love love this photo of the 3 of them. I may have to edit myself in.
Family Portrait at the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
Stormy Sunset at the Great Sand Dunes photo.
the skies showing off for us at The Great Sand Dunes!
The Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
Texas Airstream for sale
Dad on a boat
Lake Meredith, Texas on Tim-O’s birthday.
Lake Meredith, Texas
The boy is Root Beer obsessed.
When you bring a Trader Joes frozen carrot cake and accidentally pack trick candles, and proceed to set off the fire alarm in the camper.
Airstream International Bambi 19' Texas

That’s it! We loved this Colorado trip in June so much, but it made us realize that even though we’ve only had Tillie (that’s our Airstream’s name) for a year, we’ve already outgrown her. If you or someone you know would love to have her, please let me know! She’s for sale and I would love to see another family enjoy her on their adventures.

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