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Hermann Park Engagement photo

Alex + Jake | Hermann Park Engagements

Houston engagement photography sessions in winter can be the hardest to find great locations when so many plants are dormant in the colder weather. But this is also when so many couples are getting engaged in Houston and choose to have their engagement session! Many Houston locations are green almost all year, except December, January, and February when they look almost dead — but guess what is green in winter? Oak trees! I love finding a light filled spot, with just a touch of color, and taking full advantage.

For a comparison – here is another winter session – still beautiful, but there is virtually no green happening. https://rorphoto.com/2021/02/11/engagement-photography-session-in-the-woodlands/(opens in a new tab)

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Houston Engagement Photography Park Sessions

Isn’t the light coming through these Live Oak trees so dreamy?! and with the Spanish moss trailing down…..it really is the perfect southern backdrop for any Houston engagement photography session.

Mossy Oak tree engagement Houston

Isn’t the light coming through these Oak trees covered in spanish moss so dreamy?!

Engagement Ring shot
The Woodlands Engagement Photographer
Houston Engagement Photo Session at Hermann Park
Oak tree photography sessions in Houston
Houston Engagement Session

Alex and Jake live by the park and spend lots of time walking it, so it was very fitting for them to have their session there, and I had so much fun chatting with them while they showed me all of their favorite spots! If there is a location that has some significance to a couple, I always recommend choosing that location for a Houston engagement session.

Houston Engagement Photographer, Relics of Rainbows Photo

That rainbow lens flare is REAL. and I’m obsessed. Green wall behind them is also real, and I love how it photographs like watercolor!

Engagement Photography. Ring shot.
Hermann Park Engagement Photo Session
Engagement Photography in Houston, plus some ducks.
Houston Engagement Photography Session on an oak lined path.

Just can’t beat the sun coming through these trees! This is one of my favorite shots, probably ever.

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