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to me, a good photograph is literally a relic from a special moment in time - hence, relics of rainbows photo. sometimes photographs capture posed, manufactured moments, and sometimes they're candid (these are my favorite!) but if it is a good photograph, then you should be instantly transported in time. this is why i'm a photographer, and why i'm obsessed with capturing your fleeting moments! 

all of my childhood photos came off of a nikon, which i have and treasure almost as much as the photos themselves. So, maybe out of logic, or maybe because i think there's some magic in there, I shoot nikon. 


"Obsessed with capturing your fleeting moments"

Hello you lovely people! I'm Nicole, a light and bright wedding and family photographer based out of the woodlands, tx. i'm a mom of two, wife, and native californian.

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hi! i'm nicole

Pies, watercolors, the movie "you've got Mail", splash mountain, salty ocean air, tiny souvenirs, a really good blueberry, and old photographs that tell a story are just a few of my favorite things. 

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