Houston Engagement Session in Winter

Sabine St Bridge Engagement photo in winter

Let’s talk about the seasons and what a Houston Engagement session in winter might look like! For some parts of the United States, this session might match the colors closer to a golden fall. Here in Houston, our fall looks very green, with very little color change. Truthfully, it isn’t until January that some trees loose their leaves. Other trees, like the oak tree in the images below stay green through winter. I tend to look for these for a pop of that classic Houston color.

Eleanor Tinsley Park Engagement Session
Houston engagement Session in Winter
Houston Winter Engagements
Houston Sabine St. bridge photos

You wouldn’t believe how cold it was outside during this Winter Houston Engagement session. The evening sunlight hits the lens just right, and the earth-toned colors they picked out really complimented the feeling of warmth. If you ask me, a cold day in winter that is overcast, might not be worth it! I don’t generally reschedule for overcast days during most months, but we might have to make exceptions for January and February.

Houston engagement photography

How fun is the warm sunlight coming through those dormant trees?

Eleanor Tinsley Park Photos
Houston skyline engagement session

I still don’t understand how we found this much green right after a winter freeze!

Relics of Rainbows Photo
Eleanor Tinsley Park Engagement Session

This downtown skyline view is A+ BUT scroll to the bottom for an even better one!

Houston winter engagement session
Houston skyline engagement session
Houston winter engagement photos
golden winter couples portrait
golden light winter engagement photos
Houston winter engagement session
Sabine St. Bridge engagement session
Houston skyline winter engagement photo session

A perfect Houston winter engagement shoot!

Houston skyline winter engagement portraits

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