Finding Outdoor Family Locations

Outdoor Family photo locations in The Woodlands.
Family Photo Session with a laughing baby on a quilt.

How do you decide on the perfect outdoor locations for your family portrait session? Locations are an important factor in a successful session! I have a few trusted locations in The Woodlands, but if you’re comfortable with it, I would love to find you an outdoor location that is a little unconventional. If I sent you a pin to this location, you wouldn’t believe where I found it!  If you are open to these kinds of places do let me know. Truthfully, each location changes in the seasons. While we might not have a vibrant display of fall foliage like some places in the U.S., Houston does have tall feathery grass that softens images and creates a beautiful backdrop. We don’t have many parks that have this look in The Woodlands, so I had to think outside of the tried and true. Ask me what places are looking the best in that season, and I will find you the perfect outdoor location.

fall grass photos with baby in The Woodlands
Baby and Mom in tall grass photos the woodlands
Family Photographer The Woodlands

Gah! that sweet little face.

Outdoor family photography locations the Woodlands
The Woodlands Outdoor Family locations with tall grass.

Doesn’t this grass create nice foreground and an interesting element to the image? There are plenty of ways to incorporate the beauty of our environment in your photos! In Spring and Summer in the Houston (The Woodlands) area we have wildflowers of all types. The first and most notably are Bluebonnets that start popping up in March and April, but as the seasons warm we find different pockets of color in different places. Another favorite is mossy oak trees. Everyone loves a good southern oak dripping in Spanish moss. 

Family Photography at a natural outdoor location in The Woodlands TX

Outdoor Family Locations vary per season. If you have somewhere near your home that is a little bit hidden, or an empty field that you drive by regularly and it always looks pretty, text me a photo of it! We might just end up using it!

Outdoor Family photography in The Woodlands TX

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